Joanna S. Fowler
Senior Chemist

Organic synthesis and neurochemistry; radiotracer synthesis with positron emitters; new applications of radiotracers to problems in neuroscience; mechanistic studies relating to the development of radiotracers for PET; PET studies of neurotransmitter activity, enzyme activity and drug mechanisms

Phone: (631) 344 4365

B.A. University of South Florida, 1964;  Ph.D. University of Colorado, 1967

Senior Research Associate, University of East Anglia, Norwich, England, 1/68-11/68; Research Associate, Medical Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1/69-1/71; Associate Chemist, Medical Department, BNL, 2/71-6/74; Scientist, continuing, Medical Department, BNL, 7/74-9/76; Chemist, Chemistry Department, BNL, 10/76-3/83; Chemist, with tenure, BNL, 4/83-3/88; Senior Chemist, BNL, 4/88-present

Selected publications:

Selective Reduction of Radiotracer Trapping by Deuterium Substitution:  Comparison of [11C]L-Deprenyl and [11C]L-Deprenyl-D2 for MAO B Mapping
J. S. Fowler, G.-J. Wang, J. Logan, S. Xie, N. D. Volkow, R. R. MacGregor, D. J. Schlyer, N. Pappas, D. L. Alexoff, C. Patlak and A. P. Wolf
J. Nucl. Med. 36, 1255-1262 (1995)

Inhibition of Monoamine Oxidase B in the Brains  of Smokers
J. S. Fowler, N. D. Volkow, G.-J. Wang, N. Pappas, J. Logan, R. MacGregor, D. Alexoff, C. Shea, A. P. Wolf, D. Warner, I. Zezulkova and R. Cilento
Nature  379 733-736 (1996)

Brain Monoamine Oxidase A Inhibition in Cigarette Smokers
J. S. Fowler, N. D. Volkow, G.-J. Wang, N. Pappas, J. Logan, C. Shea, D. L. Alexoff, R. R. MacGregor, D. J. Schyler, A. P. Wolf and I. Zelzukova
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 93, 14065-14069 (1996)

Working Against Time:  Rapid Radiotracer Synthesis and Imaging the Human Brain
J. S. Fowler and A. P. Wolf
Accts. Chem. Res. 30, 181-188 (1997)

PET and Drug Research and Development
J. S. Fowler, N. D. Volkow, G.-. Wang, Y.-S. Ding and S. L. Dewey.
J Nucl Med 40, 1154-1163 (1999)

Maintenance of Brain MAO B Inhibition in Smokers after a 12-hour Cigarette Abstinence
J. S. Fowler, G.-J. Wang, N. D. volkow, D. Franceschi, J. Logan, N. Pappas, C. Shea, R. MacGregor and V. Garza
Am J Psychiatry 157: 1864-1866 (2000)